Volume 22, numéro 1, autumn 1992

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Contributors / Collaborateurs

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Editor's Note / Note du director

  1. Editor's Note / Note du director


  1. The Woods Transformed: : The Emergence of the Pulp and Paper Industry in New Brunswick, 1918-1931
  2. "Separate Spheres": : The Feminization of Public School Teaching in Nova Scotia, 1838-1880
  3. "Going Up to Lynn": : Single, Maritime-Born Women in Lynn, Massachusetts, 1879-1930
  4. The Intercolonial Railway, Freight Rates and the Maritime Economy

Research Note

  1. Movement, Options and Costs: : Indexes as Historical Evidence, a Newfoundland Example


  1. Death in the Lower St. John River Valley: : The Diary of Alexander Machum, Jr., 1845-1849


  1. The Crisis of the Nation-State: : A Post-Modernist Canada?

Review Essays / Notes critiques

  1. Développement et sous-développement en milieu colonial pré-industriel
  2. Cape Breton: : Identity and Nostalgia
  3. In Sickness and in Health
  4. The Chiefs, Warriors and Cadets of Academe: : Recent Writings on Canadian Higher Education


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