Volume 30, numéro 2, spring 2001

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  1. Allowed Irregularities: : Women Preachers in the Early 19th-Century Maritimes
  2. "Wedded to the Marshes": : Salt Marshes and Socio-Economic Differentiation in Early Prince Edward Island
  3. Thread in Her Hands - Cash in Her Pockets: : Women and Domestic Textile Production in 19th-Century New Brunswick
  4. Nicknaming Patterns and Traditions among Cape Breton Coal Miners
  5. Public Power for Industry: : A Re-Examination of the New Brunswick Case, 1940-1960


  1. Teaching with Technology* : Three Questions Concerning Distance Education
  2. Teaching with Technology
  3. A Tangled Web: : Thoughts on Pedagogy in On-Line Teaching
  4. Teaching with Technology: : A Discussion

Review Essays / Notes Critiques

  1. Max Aitken and Maritime Finance
  2. The Mounties and the Red Menace
  3. The Monumental and the Mundane: : Architectural History in Canada
  4. A Cape Breton Hampden
  5. The Canadian Story

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  1. Recent Publications Relating to the History of the Atlantic Region


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