Volume 33, numéro 2, spring 2004

Sommaire (22 articles)

  1. Frontmatter
  2. Contributors / Collaborateurs
  3. The Champlain-De Monts Tercentenary:: Voices from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Maine, June 1904
  4. Celebrating Champlain in the Loyalist City:: Saint John, 1904-10
  5. Agricultural Science, Potato Breeding and the Fredericton Experimental Station, 1912-66
  6. Celebrating the Origins and Teaching of Women’s History at Atlantic Provinces Universities:: A Symposium
  7. Women’s History at Acadia University
  8. Origins of Women’s History at Mount Saint Vincent University
  9. Teaching Women’s History at Memorial University
  10. Origins of Women’s History at University of New Brunswick (Fredericton Campus)
  11. Women’s History at UNB Saint John
  12. Women’s History at St. Thomas University
  13. Teaching Women’s History at Dalhousie:: A personal account
  14. The Origins of Women’s History at the Université de Moncton
  15. Discussion
  16. La présence des belges dans les charbonnages des Provinces Maritimes au début du 20e siècle
  17. History, Law and the Mi’kmaq of Atlantic Canada
  18. A Fortified Town and a World War Profitably Re-examined
  19. Updating the Official Gospel:: Canadian Military History’s Third Wave
  20. Ann Gorman Condon, 1936-2001: A Bibliography
  21. Recent Publications Relating to the History of the Atlantic Region
  22. Backmatter

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