Aestimatio Sources and Studies in the History of Science

Direction : Pamela A. Cooper (Publications Manager) / Rédaction : Alan Bowen (Editor), Francesca Rochberg (Editor), Stamatina Mastorakou (Book Review Editor)

À propos

Aestimatio focuses on the history of science from antiquity to the early modern period in the cultures of Eurasia and Africa, recognizing that the spread of the traditions of knowledge and of ideas is a unifying characteristic of the chronological and geo-cultural scope of premodern science in the Old World. In Aestimatio, we take science broadly to be the goals, methods, knowledge, and practices in what is presented as science in the historical sources. Our aim is to make fundamental texts and ideas in the history of science accessible to readers today through the publication of original research as well as through scholarly assessments of books recently published.