Sources and Studies in the History of Science

Volume 2, numéro 1, 2021

Sommaire (24 articles)


  1. The Tabulae Eclypsium by Giovanni Bianchini
  2. The Babylonian Dodecatemoria and Calendar Texts: Inverse Schemes for Determining Position and Times for the Schematic Sun and Moon


  1. The Creation of the World in Jewish Esoteric Philosophy
  2. The Circulation of Treatises on Divination and Magic from the 12th to the 17th Century

Memorial Notices

  1. In memoriam Noel M. Swerdlow


  1. Das Horn des Steinbocks. Die Treppen und der Dachkiosk in Dendara als Quellen zum Neujahrsfest by Alexa Rickert
  2. Aristotle and His Commentators: Studies in Memory of Paraskevi Kotzia edit­ed by Pantelis Golitsis and Katerina Ierodiakonou
  3. The Interactions of Ancient Astral Science by David Brown with contributions by Jonathan Ben-Dov, Harry Falk, Geoffrey Lloyd, Raymond Mercier, Antonio Panaino, Joachim Quack, Alexandra von Lieven, and Michio Yano
  4. Sourcebook in the Mathematics of Medieval Europe and North Africa edited by Victor Katz
  5. Cycles de la nature, cycles de l’histoire: de la découverte des météores à la fin de l’âge d’or edited by Estelle Bertrand and Rita Compatangelo-­Soussignan
  6. Logoi and Muthoi: Further Essays in Greek Philosophy and Literature edited by William Wians
  7. The Rhetoric ­of­ Medicine: Lessons­ of­ Professionalism from ­Ancient Greece by Nigel Nicholson and Nathan R. Selden
  8. The Art of Divination in the Ancient Near East: Reading the Signs of Heaven and Earth by Stefan M. Maul
  9. Syrische Astrologie und das syrische Medizinbuch by Stefanie Rudolf
  10. World Soul – Anima Mundi: The Origins and Fortunes of a Fundamental Idea edited by Christoph Helmig
  11. Hellenistic Astronomy: The Science in Its Contexts edited by Alan C. Bowen and Francesca Rochberg
  12. Michel Scot: Liber particularis, Liber physonomie. Édition critique, introduc­tion et notes by Oleg Voskoboynikov
  13. Mosaics of Knowledge: Representing Information in the Roman World by Andrew M. Riggsby
  14. Le De anima alchimique du pseudo­-Avicenne by Sébastien Moureau
  15. Anonymus Cantabrigiensis: Commentarium in Sophisticos Elenchos Aristotelis edited by Sten Ebbesen
  16. Brill’s Companion to the Reception of Galen edited by Petros Bouras-Vallianatos and Barbara Zipser
  17. Le Physiologus grec: 1. La réécriture de l’histoire naturelle antique by Stavros Lazaris
  18. Richard de Fournival et les sciences au XIIIe siècle edited by Joëlle Ducos and Christopher Lucken
  19. Galen: A Thinking Doctor in Imperial Rome by Vivian Nutton


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