Atlantic Geology

Volume 26, numéro 1, march 1990

Sommaire (7 articles)


  1. Post-Triassic mineralization in central New Brunswick: implications of the McBean Brook Zn-Pb-Ag occurrence


  1. The Lake Bond deposit: superimposed volcanogenic and synorogenic base and precious metal mineralization in the Robert's Arm Group, central Newfoundland


  1. The structure of the Heath Steele Mines region, Bathurst Camp, New Brunswick
  2. An Arenig graptolite from Bell Island, eastern Newfoundland - its biostratigraphic and paleogeographic significance
  3. Lithofacies and basinal development of the type 'Etcheminian Series' (Lower Cambrian Ratcliffe Brook Formation), Saint John area, southern New Brunswick
  4. Structural trends and basement rock subdivisions in the western Gulf of St. Lawrence, northern Appalachians
  5. New records of postglacial walrus and a review of Quaternary marine mammals in New Brunswick

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