Atlantic Geology

Volume 28, numéro 1, march 1992

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Editor's Note


  1. Radioactivity Maps of Nova Scotia
  2. An overview of recent bedrock mapping and follow-up petrological studies of the South Mountain Batholith, southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada
  3. Structure and emplacement of the South Mountain Batholith, southwestern Nova Scotia
  4. Geological features within the Big Indian Lake pluton, Hants County, Nova Scotia: evidence of igneous layering from recent diamond drilling
  5. The East Kemptville tin deposit, Yarmouth County, southwestern Nova Scotia: a lithogeochemical study of the wallrock metasedimentary rocks
  6. Field relationships, mineralogy and structural features of the Port Mouton pluton, southwestern Nova Scotia
  7. Devonian plutons in southeastern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
  8. Petrographic features of Siluro-Devonian feisic volcanic rocks in the Riley Brook area, Tobique Zone, New Brunswick: implications for base metal mineralization at Sewell Brook


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