Atlantic Geology

Volume 32, numéro 2, summer 1996

Sommaire (7 articles)


  1. Note on Pterygotus anglicus Agassiz (Eurypterida: Devonian) from the Campbellton Formation, New Brunswick
  2. Chemostratigraphy and depositional environment of an Ordovician sedimentary section across the Miramichi Group - Tetagouche Group contact, northeastern New Brunswick
  3. Armoured mud balls revisited
  4. Formal definition of the Lower Jurassic McCoy Brook Formation, Fundy Rift Basin, eastern Canada
  5. Tertiary molluscs of the Scotian Shelf, Atlantic Canada
  6. Reduction spheroids from the Upper Carboniferous Hopewell Group, Dorchester Cape, New Brunswick: notes on geochemistry, mineralogy and genesis


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