Atlantic Geology

Volume 33, numéro 2, summer 1997

Sommaire (8 articles)

Editor's Note


  1. Pyrrhotite and associated sulphides and their relationship to acid rock drainage in the Halifax Formation, Meguma Group, Nova Scotia
  2. The opaque mineralogy of metasedimentary rocks of the Meguma Group, Beaverbank-Rawdon area, Nova Scotia
  3. Magnetic susceptibility mapping: applications for the Meguma Group, central Nova Scotia
  4. Lithogeochemical characterization of the Beaverbank unit of the Halifax Formation, Meguma Group, and acid drainage implications
  5. Geochemical characterization of the mineralized transition between the Goldenville and Halifax formations and the interaction with adjacent granitoid intrusions of the Liscomb Complex, Nova Scotia
  6. Surface subsidence associated with abandoned mine workings in the Goldenville mining district, Nova Scotia


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