Atlantic Geology

Volume 35, numéro 1, 1999

Sommaire (5 articles)


  1. Petrology, tectonic setting, and 40 Ar/ 39Ar (hornblende) dating of the Late Ordovician - Early Silurian Belle Cote Road orthogneiss, western Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia
  2. New constraints on the age and origin of the Dunbrack Pb-Cu-Zn-Ag deposit, Musquodoboit Batholith, southern Nova Scotia
  3. Late Neoproterozoic granitoid and metavolcanic rocks of the Indian Brook Area, southeastern Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia
  4. Stratigraphy, sedimentology and structure of the Oak Bay and Waweig formations, Mascarene Basin: implications for the paleotectonic evolution of southwestern New Brunswick


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