Atlantic Geology

Volume 37, numéro 2-3, summer 2001

Sommaire (7 articles)


  1. The New Cornwall syenogranite, Nova Scotia: petrology and geochemistry
  2. Surface- and deep-water hydrography and meltwater events in the mid-latitude North Atlantic Ocean over the past 160,000 years
  3. Geochemistry, provenance, and tectonic significance of sedimentary rocks of the Middle to Late Devonian McArras Brook and Visean Martin Road formations, Merigomish Subbasin, northern Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia
  4. Geochemistry and petrogenesis of the East Branch Brook metagabbroic dykes in the Sawyer Brook fault zone, Clarence Stream gold prospect, southwestern New Brunswick
  5. An Upper Carboniferous trigonotarbid, Aphantomartus pustulatus (Scudder, 1884), from the Maritimes Basin (Euramerican Coal Province), New Brunswick, Canada



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