Atlantic Geology

Volume 38, numéro 2-3, 2003

Date Received: May 24, 2002 ¶ Date Accepted: January 10, 2003

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  1. Arenig volcanic and sedimentary strata, central New Brunswick and eastern Maine
  2. Deformation of the Macumber Formation, Antigonish Basin, Nova Scotia: implications for the Ainslie Detachment
  3. A synopsis of the geology of the Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia
  4. A petrochemical study of basaltic layering at Henley Harbour, Labrador, using multidimensional scaling
  5. The "medullosalean forest" at the Lloyd Cove Seam (Pennsylvanian, Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia, Canada)


  1. Abstracts : Atlantic Universities Geological Conference 2002, October 24—26, 2002: Conference hosted by: The Bailey Society, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, New Brunswick


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