Atlantic Geology

Volume 41, numéro 2-3, 2005

Sommaire (7 articles)


  1. "Such a section as never was put together before":: Logan, Dawson, Lyell, and mid-Nineteenth-Century measurements of the Pennsylvanian Joggins section of Nova Scotia
  2. The Pennsylvanian Joggins Formation of Nova Scotia:: sedimentological log and stratigraphic framework of the historic fossil cliffs
  3. Sir William Dawson (1820-1899):: a very modern paleobotanist
  4. Stratigraphy and sedimentology of early Pennsylvanian red beds at Lower Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada:: the Little River Formation with redefinition of the Joggins Formation
  5. Adpressed tree-fern trunks from the Early Pennsylvanian Joggins Formation of Nova Scotia


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