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Volume 41, numéro 2, 2020 Gender and the Canadian Armed Forces

Sommaire (9 articles)

Special Issue: Gender and the Canadian Armed Forces

  1. Gender and the Canadian Armed Forces: Does Change Mean Feminist Progress?
  2. Regendering the Canadian Armed Forces
  3. Locating Feminist Progress in Professional Military Education
  4. Troubling Diversity and Inclusion: Racialized Women’s Experiences in the Canadian Armed Forces
  5. “The Strength behind the Uniform”: Acknowledging the Contributions of Military Families or Co-Opting Women’s Labour?
  6. Missing the Point: A Critical Reflection on Operation HONOUR and Reactions to Military Sexual Misconduct by Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces
  7. Khaki and Emerald Green
  8. Film Review: The Fruit Machine

Book Review

  1. Intersectionality. 2nd Edition


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