Canadian Journal of Bioethics

Volume 2, numéro 2, 2019

Sommaire (7 articles)

Articles / Articles

  1. Paying for Plasma: Commodification, Exploitation, and Canada's Plasma Shortage
  2. Stigmatisation, Exaggeration, and Contradiction: An Analysis of Scientific and Clinical Content in Canadian Print Media Discourse About Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Commentaires critiques / Critical commentaries

  1. Vulnérabilité des femmes enceintes en éthique de la recherche : un problème sémantique

Reviews / Compte rendu

  1. Review of: Magnussen H. (2017) The Moral Work of Nursing – Asking and Living with the Questions
  2. Review of Clinical Ethics Consultation - A Practical Guide
  3. Book Review: What time is the 9:20 bus? A Journey to a Meaningful Life, Disability and All, by Lucinda Hage (2014)
  4. Review of: Kaposy C. (2018) Choosing Down Syndrome

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