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Volume 49, numéro 1, 2022 Art Education- Virtual Material

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Artist Statement

  1. Artist Statement



  1. Animal Bodies in the Museum: Acts of Artmaking, Collective Knowledge, and Complex Conversation Around Museum Taxidermy
  2. Making Art at Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Instagram, Young Visitors, and Museum Collections
  3. How a Philosophical Approach to Temporal Perception Can Provide a Basis for Developing Useful Strategies for Teaching Art to Students with ADHD
  4. Nurturing Creativity in the Visual Arts Classroom Understanding Teacher Strategies through Amabile's Componential Theory
  5. Intrications entre conception de design pédagogique et expérience de création : comment la recherche design en éducation et la recherche création cohabitent-elles ?


  1. Navigating and Creating


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