Corps de l’article

A Tuscan chef recently asked Lara to describe Canadian cuisine. She began by describing the colour and particular viscosity of maple syrup but quickly felt compelled to speak of the way Butter Chicken Roti, Lahmajoun ‘sandwiches,’ and Sushi Pizza characterize Canadian cuisine as well. While Saskatoonberry jam, fèves au lard, and P.E.I. Mussels represent regional foods across Canada, new hybrids and variations are continually being thrown into the mix, inspired by local surroundings—cultural and culinary. In our nation of immigrants, multiple foodways form a distinctive and evolving repertoire that is neither hodgepodge nor smorgasbord. How we as Canadians procure, produce, cook, consume, and think about food creates our cuisine.

CuiZine aims to set the table for such discussions. Our first issue reflects the diversity that constitutes our foodways with articles exploring foods marketed to our children and described in our literature, foods expressive of place and patrimoine. We also interviewed Vancouver chef Vikram Vij for our feature series on Canadian chefs, and invited writer Adam Gollner and culinary historian Fiona Lucas to explore the cranberry, which takes centre stage on many Canadian tables in this season.

In addition to reviews of recent books in the field and poetry from Canadian writers Susan Glickman, Reesa Grushka, and Rachel Rose, this issue offers a visual essay on “Canadian Shield Shortbread” by Food Jammer Christopher Martin, and “Socalled Cartoons” by Montreal-based Klezmer rap star and cartoon artist Josh Dolgin.

We hope you will agree that this issue of CuiZine is a feast fit for the season. Enjoy.