From Today’s Observation Post: Collaboration and Resistance under Communism  / Kollaboration und Widerstand im Kommunismus - Betrachtungen aus heutiger Sicht  / Vues du poste d’observation du présent : collaboration et résistance sous le communisme Volume 10, numéro 1, 2015

Sommaire (9 articles)

  1. Introduction: Resistance and Collaboration from Today’s Observation Post
  2. A Book, a Securitate File, and a Research Project. On Gossiping and Ethnography
  3. The Soviet Secularization Project in Central Asia: Accommodation and Institutional Legacies
  4. The Aiud “Prison Saints.” History, Memory, and Lived Religion
  5. Struggles for the Character of the Roman Catholic Church in Czechoslovakia, 1948-1989
  6. Church Collaboration and Resistance under Communism Revisited: The Case of Patriarch Justinian Marina (1948-1977)
  7. Remembering the Romanian Anti-Communist Armed Resistance: An Analysis of Local Lived Experience
  8. The Use and Misuse of Information in Securitate’s Files: The Case of Plamadeala


  1. « Des champs de bataille aux salles de musée : la Grande Guerre dans une perspective canado-européenne » — Université de Montréal (23.04.2015)