First Peoples Child & Family Review
A Journal on Innovation and Best Practices in Aboriginal Child Welfare Administration, Research, Policy & Practice

Volume 3, numéro 4, 2007

Sommaire (12 articles)


  1. Finding Healing and Balance in Learning and Teaching at the First Nations University of Canada
  2. Rethinking Social Work Education for Indigenous Students: Creating Space for Multiple Ways of Knowing and Learning
  3. Seeking “Mamatowisowin” to Create an Engaging Social Policy Class for Aboriginal Students
  4. A Story of their own: Adolescent Pregnancy and Child Welfare in Aboriginal Communities
  5. Aboriginal Fathers Support Groups: Bridging the Gap between Displacement and Family Balance
  6. Loss of Trust Among First Nation People: Implications when Implementing Child Protection Treatment Initiatives
  7. Commentary: “Inside Looking Out, Outside Looking In”
  8. Inside Looking Out, Outside Looking In
  9. Reflections on Intergenerational Trauma: Healing as a Critical Intervention
  10. Exploring the Experiences of an Elder, a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist: How can Traditional Practices and Healers Complement Existing Practices in Mental Health?
  11. Intercultural Communications and Conductive Hearing Loss
  12. The Informal Caregivers of Aboriginal Seniors: Perspectives and Issues

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