First Peoples Child & Family Review An Interdisciplinary Journal Honouring the Voices, Perspectives, and Knowledges of First Peoples

Direction : Dr. Cindy Blackstock, Ph.D. (Editor-in-Chief) / Rédaction : Brittany Mathews, BA. (Coordinating Editor), Madelaine McCracken, MEd. (Coordinating Editor)

À propos

La revue honore les voix des Premiers peuples et des personnes alliées non autochtones. Elle promeut la recherche, l’analyse critique et les ressources en enseignement favorisant les innovations au sein des enjeux rattachés à l’enfance, à la famille et à la communauté des Premiers peuples, des Métis et des Inuits, ainsi qu’aux peuples autochtones vivant à l’étranger.



The First Peoples Child & Family Review is published by the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada. We are located at:

350 Sparks Street, Suite 202
Ottawa, Ontario
K1R 7S8

Phone:  613-230-5885


Knowledge is meant to be shared. Every issue of the First Peoples Child & Family Review is available online, free to the public to view and download. Visit the archive.

Historique de la revue (30 numéros)

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Politique éditoriale et éthique

Peer Review Process

All work submitted to the First Peoples Child & Family Review that is being considered for publication is subject to a two-stage peer review process. The first stage is an initial review by a member of the editorial team to ensure quality and relevance. Submissions that pass the initial review are then anonymously peer-reviewed by at least two experts in the relevant topic.

Child and Youth Peer Review Process

The editorial team will make every effort to ensure that submissions by children and youth will be reviewed by other children and youth.

Become a Peer Referee

The First Peoples Child & Family Review draws on the expertise of academics, professionals, Elders, and youth in child welfare, health, and other social service disciplines in Canada and abroad to publish high quality, culturally-based articles that honour the voices, perspectives, and knowledges of First Peoples and non-Indigenous allies and supporters. Are you interested in supporting our goal? Sign up to become a peer referee!



Authors retain copyright over their work. This aligns with our commitment to meet the standards and guidelines of the World Intellectual Property Organization and the principles of Ownership, Control, Access, and Possession.

Citation Policy

Authors may quote passages of up to 100 words from the First Peoples Child & Family Review without written permission from the publisher, provided they use acceptable citations.

Reprint Policy for Contributing Authors

Contributing authors may use parts of their work without written permission from the publisher in other publications (e.g., print, electronic, etc.), provided that the author(s) use the following note:

Reprinted with permission from the First Peoples Child & Family Review, [YEAR], Volume [##], Issue [##], pp. ## - ##.

Download Policy

Readers may download full articles or parts of articles from our website for educational purposes, in accordance with current laws, without written permission from the publisher. Written permission is required from the publisher for all other purposes.

Instruction pour les auteurs

To submit your work to the First Peoples Child & Family Review review please review our submission preperation checklist. When you are ready, register for an account on our website and then follow the on-screen instructions in the author dashboard.

Comité de rédaction


Dr. Cindy Blackstock, Ph.D.
Professor, McGill University
Executive Director, First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada

Coordinating Editors

Brittany Mathews, BA.
First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada

Madelaine McCracken, MEd.
First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada

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The First Peoples Child & Family Review does not have an editorial board. Rather, the journal is guided by the Caring Society’s Board of Directors.