First Peoples Child & Family Review
A Journal on Innovation and Best Practices in Aboriginal Child Welfare Administration, Research, Policy & Practice

Volume 1, numéro 1, 2004

Sommaire (10 articles)


  1. Foreword
  2. Learning the Process of Publishing "Voices and Perspectives" of Indigenous Knowledge in the Child Welfare Field
  3. Aboriginal Research: Berry Picking and Hunting in the 21st Century
  4. A Review of the Literature on the Benefits and Drawbacks of Participatory Action Research
  5. Culturally Sensitive Approaches to Research on Child Development and Family Practices in First Peoples Communities
  6. Aboriginal Social Work Education in Canada: Decolonizing Pedagogy for the Seventh Generation
  7. Talking about the Aboriginal Community: Child Protection Practitioners’ Views
  8. Are They Really Neglected? A Look at Worker Perceptions of Neglect Through the Eyes of a National Data System
  9. Effects of an Aboriginal Cultural Enrichment Program on Adolescent Mothers’ Self-Perceptions
  10. A Commentary Against Aboriginal to non-Aboriginal Adoption

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