First Peoples Child & Family Review
An Interdisciplinary Journal Honouring the Voices, Perspectives, and Knowledges of First Peoples through Research, Critical Analyses, Stories, Standpoints and Media Reviews

Volume 10, numéro 1, 2015 Special Issue: Custom Adoptions

Sommaire (10 articles)

  1. Foreword
  2. Editorial: Special Issue on Custom Adoptions
  3. A Discussion Paper on Indigenous Custom Adoption Part 1: Severed Connections – Historical Overview of Indigenous Adoption in Canada
  4. A Discussion Paper on Indigenous Custom Adoption Part 2: Honouring Our Caretaking Traditions
  5. Lessons Learned from the Yellowhead Tribal Services Agency Open Custom Adoption Program
  6. Pandemics and Urban Child Survival: Pulling Together in the Adoption Canoe
  7. Creating Places of Belonging: Expanding Notions of Permanency with Indigenous Youth in Care
  8. Adoption is (not) a Dirty Word: Towards an Adoption-centric Theory of Anishinaabeg Citizenship
  9. Cultural Permanence for Indigenous Children and Youth: Reflections from a Delegated Aboriginal Agency in British Columbia
  10. Na gan ts’i’stk Grandmothers’ Group of Lax kw’alaams

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