First Peoples Child & Family Review
An Interdisciplinary Journal Honouring the Voices, Perspectives, and Knowledges of First Peoples through Research, Critical Analyses, Stories, Standpoints and Media Reviews

Volume 4, numéro 2, 2009

Sommaire (18 articles)


  1. Foreword
  2. For So Long….
  3. POEM: Their Eyes
  4. Using a Narrative Approach to Understanding the Frontline Practices and Experiences of Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Child Protection Workers
  5. The Frontline of Revitationalization: Influences Impacting Aboriginal Helpers
  6. Irihapeti Ramsden: The Public Narrative on Cultural Safety
  7. Culturally Restorative Child Welfare Practice - A Special Emphasis on Cultural Attachment Theory
  8. Family Counselling as Decolonization: Exploring an Indigenous Social-Constructivist Approach in Clinical Practice
  9. Using a Western-Based Survey to Assess Cultural Perspectives of Dene Mothers in Northern Manitoba
  10. In Consideration of the Needs of Caregivers: Grandparenting Experiences in Manitoba First Nation Communities
  11. If We Show Them Will They Come? Attitudes of Native American Youth Towards Higher Education
  12. Knowledge Translation in a Community-Based Study of the Relations Among Violence Exposure, Post-traumatic Stress and Alcohol Misuse in Mi’kmaq Youth
  13. Child Protective Services and University-Based Partnerships: A Participatory Action-Based Model for Creating and Sharing Knowledge
  14. Torres Strait Island Parents’ Involvement in their Children’s Mathematics Learning: A Discussion paper
  15. First Nations Children Count: Enveloping Quantitative Research in an Indigenous Envelope
  16. After This, Nothing Happened: Indigenous Academic Writing and Chickadee Peoples’ Words
  17. Aboriginal Youth Gangs: Preventative Approaches
  18. Towards Transformational Research for and with Indigenous Communities: The New British Columbia Indigenous Child Welfare Research Network

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