First Peoples Child & Family Review
A Journal on Innovation and Best Practices in Aboriginal Child Welfare Administration, Research, Policy & Practice

Volume 3, numéro 1, 2007

Sommaire (12 articles)


  1. Foreword
  2. Ensuring Knowledge Transmission in the Aboriginal Child Welfare Field
  3. Keeping First Nations children at home: A few Federal policy changes could make a big difference
  4. The politics of kith and kin: Observations on the British Columbia government’s reaction to the death of Sherry Charlie
  5. Reflections of a Mi’kmaq social worker on a quarter of a century work in First Nations child welfare
  6. Promising practice for maintaining identities in First Nation adoption
  7. Identity lost and found: Lessons from the sixties scoop
  8. Indigenous knowledge and research: The míkiwáhp as a symbol for reclaiming our knowledge and ways of knowing
  9. A way of life: Indigenous perspectives on anti oppressive living
  10. Here be dragons! Reconciling Indigenous and Western knowledge to improve Aboriginal child welfare
  11. Are rural American Indian adolescents becoming a race of angels?
  12. (A Literature Review) Re-examining issues behind the loss of family and cultural and the impact on Aboriginal youth suicide rates

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