Geoscience Canada

Volume 2, numéro 3, august 1975

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GAC Presidential Address

    Presidential Address to the Geological Association of Canada, Waterloo, Ontario The Earth Sciences in Canada 1975


    The Estimation of Seismic Risk in Canada
    An Ensimatic Island Arc and Ocean Closure in the Grenville Province of Southeastern Ontario, Canada
    Women Geoscientists - Why Not?

Conference Reports / Compte rendus de réunions

    Report from Vancouver
    Interdisciplinary Till Symposium
    Symposium on Recent and Ancient Sedimentary Environments in Alaska
    Two Meetings -Two Ways
    IGCP Project: Precambrian in Mobile Zones -Meetings in 1974
    North American Energy in Perspective

Features / Rubriques

    The Soil Column: Soil and Related Hazards as a Result of Strip Mining
    Geological Education On Supporting Your Local Earth Science Teacher

Book Reviews / Critiques

    The Geosciences in Canada 1974: A status report prepared by the Canadian Geoscience Council.
    Geological Survey of Canada Report of Activities Part A, April to October 1974
    The Ocean Basins and Margins, Vol. 2: The North Atlantic
    Tectonics of the Carpathian-Balkan Regions: Explanations to the Tectonic Map of the Carpathian-Balkan regions and their Foreland.
    Géologie, objet et méthodes
    Oil Sands: Fuel of the Future
    Arctic and Alpine Environments
    Research in Polar and Alpine Geomorphology 3rd Guelph Symposium on Geomorphology, 1973
    Evolution and Diagenesis of Quaternary Carbonate Sequences, Shark Bay, Western Australia
    Not on Queen Victoria's Birthday - The Story of the Rio Tinto Mines

Secretary's Report / Rapport du Secretaire

    Secretary's Report May 14.1975

Letters / Lettres

    Letters / Lettres