Geoscience Canada

Volume 4, numéro 1, march 1977

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    River Studies in Northern Canada: Reading the Record from River Morphology
    Mineralization Related to Post-Acadian Tectonism in Southern New Brunswick
    Facies Models 5. Models of Physical Sedimentation of Iron Formations
    Offshore Petroleum Developments in Northwest Europe — An Update
    Some Twentieth-Century Canadian Earthquakes

Conference Reports / Compte rendus de réunions

    Stratigraphie Commission
    Workshop on Environmental Aspects of Fundy Tidal Power

Book Reviews / Critiques

    Metallogeny and Plate Tectonics
    Scenic Wonders of Canada— An Illustrated Guide to our Natural Splendors
    The Landscapes of Southern Alberta
    Environmental Change in the Maritimes
    Nearshore Sediment Dynamics and Sedimentation: An Interdisciplinary Review
    The Study of Trace Fossils
    Geological Hazards
    Geological Prospecting of Petroleum
    Petroleum Engineering
    Random Processes in Geology
    Computers and Geosciences, Vol.1, No. 1/2, 1975

Letters / Lettres

    Letters / Lettres