Geoscience Canada

Volume 5, numéro 2, june 1978

Sommaire (22 articles)

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    Dating Methods of Pleistocene Deposits and Their Problems: I. Thermoluminescence Dating
    Postglacial Emergence in Atlantic Canada
    Facies Models 11. Continental and Supratidal (Sabkha) Evaporites

Features / Rubriques

    History of Canadian Geology: : Charles Jackson, M.D. (1805-1880) and Francis Alger (1807-1863)
    Geological Education: The Future of Geoscience Education in Ontario's High Schools
    Pyroclasts: Our Own Geoscience Day

Book Reviews / Critiques

    Volcanic Regimes in Canada
    The Evolution of North America
    The Making of Geology: Earth Science in Britain 1660-1815
    Hydrothermal Uranium Deposits
    Analytical Methods for Use in Geochemical Exploration
    Geostatistical Ore Reserve Estimation: Developments in Geomathematics 2
    Principles of Isotope Geology
    Chemical Petrology with Applications to The Terrestrial Planets and Meteorites
    Concepts and Methods of Biostratigraphy
    Stromatolites: Developments in Sedimentology 20
    Reefs and Related Carbonates— Ecology and Sedimentology
    Sedimentation on the Modern Carbonate Tidal Flats of Northwest Andros Island, Bahamas
    Natural Resources of British Columbia and the Yukon
    Soils of Canada
    Introduction to Environmental Remote Sensing

Letters / Lettres

    Letters / Lettres