Geoscience Canada

Volume 5, numéro 4, november 1978

Sommaire (24 articles)

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    Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Central North Atlantic Basin
    Dating Methods of Pleistocene Deposits and Their Problems II. Uranium-Series Disequilibrium Dating
    Facies Models 13. Carbonate Slopes

Conference Reports / Compte rendus de réunions

    Facts and Principles of World Oil Occurrence
    The Status of Geological Engineering
    Conference on the Coastline of Canada - Littoral Processes and Shore Morphology
    Canadian Geophysical Union Meeting

Features / Rubriques

    Geological Education: Understanding the Role of Minerals in Society
    Pyroclasts: Another Prize to a Senior Citizen

Book Reviews / Critiques

    Manual of Mineralogy (after James D. Dana), 19th Edition
    High-Pressure Research: Applications in Geophysic
    A Structural Stratigraphie and Petrologic Study of Anorthosites, Eclogites and Ultramafic Rocks and Their Country Rocks, Tafjord Area, Western Norway
    Marine Manganese Deposits
    Exploration and Mining Geology
    Subsurface Geology - Petroleum, Mining, Construction
    Trends and Opportunities in Seismology
    Thermodynamics in Geology
    Schlumberger: The History of a Technique
    Aspects of Ecology and Zoogeography of Recent and Fossil Ostracoda
    Reefs and Evaporites - Concepts and Depositional Models
    River Channel Changes
    Pédologie 1. Pédogenèse et Classification
    Atlas of Winnipeg