Geoscience Canada

Volume 19, numéro 1, march 1992

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    Michael J. Keen F.R.S.C., Ph.D., F.G.A.C. 1935-1991: : An Appreciation


    Application of High-quality Bathymetry to Geological Interpretation on the Scotian Shelf
    The Seasonal Distribution of Suspended Particles and Their Iron and Manganese Loading in a Glacial Runoff Fiord
    "Ice" Beneath the Deep Sea: Studies of Methane Hydrate Layers Beneath the Continental Slope off Vancouver Island
    Age of the Ocean Floor: A Digital Data Set for the Labrador Sea and Western North Atlantic

Conference Reports / Compte rendus de réunions

    IGCP 317: Paleoweathering Records and Paleosurfaces
    Palliser Triangle Global Change Observatory Workshop
    Canadian Continental Drilling Program First 5-Year Plan Workshop
    1992 Friends of the Grenville Workshop

Book Reviews / Critiques

    To the Waters and the Wild. Petroleum Geology 1918 to 1941
    Bedrock Geology of Ontario
    Principles of Geology, Being An Attempt to Explain the Former Changes of the Earth's Surface, By References to Causes Now In Operation, Vol. Ill

Letters / Lettres

    Letter to the Editor

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