Geoscience Canada

Volume 23, numéro 4, december 1996

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    Looking to the Future: Nunavut Environments, Past and Present


    Geological Vignettes of Nunavut: Setting the Stage for Change
    Isotopic Variability in Arctic Precipitation as a Climatic Indicator
    Glacier Monitoring for Climate Change Detection in Nunavut
    Geomorphological Changes and Permafrost Dynamics: Key Factors in Changing Arctic Ecosystems. An Example from Bylot Island, Nunavut, Canada
    The Terrestrial Record of Postglacial Vegetation and Climate from the Arctic/Subarctic of Eastern Canada and West Greenland
    Climatic Change in Nunavut
    Long-term Environmental Monitoring in Arctic Lakes and Ponds Using Diatoms and Other Biological Indicators
    Sensitivity of High-latitude Freshwater Ecosystems to Global Change: Temperature and Solar Ultraviolet Radiation
    The Arctic Atmosphere : Sulphur and Trace Metals
    Arctic Tundra Caribou and Climatic Change: Questions of Temporal and Spatial Scales
    The Exploitation of Wetland Ecosystems by Herbivores on Bylot Island
    Informing the Fact: Inuit Traditional Knowledge Contributes Another Perspective

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    The Earth System: Geology Lessons for Our Future

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