Geoscience Canada

Volume 30, numéro 3, september 2003

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GAC Presidential Address

    Carpe Diem - Shall We Make Earth Science First Among the Sciences in Canada? : GAC Presidential Address - Annual Meeting Vancouver, British Columbia 26 May 2003


    The Science of Climate Change

Workshop Report

    Report on Workshop on Canadian Participation in the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program: Themes in Arctic Science. : University of Alberta, Edmonton March 29-30, 2003


    Geophysical and Sedimentological Assessment of Urban Impacts in a Lake Ontario Watershed and Lagoon: Frenchman's Bay, Pickering, Ontario


    Igneous Rock Associations of Canada 2. Stages in the Temporal Evolution of Calderas

Book Reviews / Critiques

    The Dinosaur Hunters: A Story of Scientific Rivalry and the Discovery of the Prehistoric World
    Silidfied Late Ordovician Urilobites from the Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada