Geoscience Canada
Journal of the Geological Association of Canada
Journal de l’Association Géologique du Canada

Volume 41, numéro 1, 2014

Sommaire (9 articles)

Front Matter

  1. Front Matter

Professional Affairs

  1. Legal and Ethical Responsibilities of Geoscientists in Environmental Geology

Harold Williams Series

  1. Ediacaran–Middle Paleozoic Oceanic Voyage of Avalonia from Baltica via Gondwana to Laurentia: Paleomagnetic, Faunal and Geological Constraints
  2. The Timing of Strike-Slip Deformation Along the Storstrømmen Shear Zone, Greenland Caledonides: U–Pb Zircon and Titanite Geochronology


  1. Igneous Rock Associations 12: A Geologist’s Look at Archaeological Ceramics and Glass
  2. Igneous Rock Associations 13: Focusing on the Central American Subduction Zone
  3. Modern Analytical Facilities 2: A Review of Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) Procedures for Lithogeochemical Data
  4. Remote Predictive Mapping 5: Using a Lidar Derived DEM to Test the Influence of Variable Overburden Thickness and Bedrock on Drainage and Basin Morphology


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