Geoscience Canada

Volume 42, numéro 3, 2015

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Andrew Hynes Series: Tectonic Processes

    Logan Medallist 3. Making Stratigraphy Respectable : From Stamp Collecting to Astronomical Calibration

New Series

    Prologue : Andrew Hynes Series: Tectonic Processes

Andrew Hynes Series: Tectonic Processes

    Neoarchean Mantle-derived Magmatism within the Repulse Bay Block, Melville Peninsula, Nunavut : Implications for Archean Crustal Extraction and Cratonization
    Geologic Setting of Eclogite-facies Assemblages in the St. Cyr Klippe, Yukon–Tanana Terrane, Yukon, Canada


    Igneous Rock Associations 18. Transition Metals in Oceanic Island Basalt : Relationships with the Mantle Components


    Eduard Suess Geologist : Catalogue of the Exhibition
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