Geoscience Canada

Volume 43, numéro 1, march 2016

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Front Matter

    Front Matter


    GEOSCIENCE CANADA – The Road Ahead

Special Issue

    Heritage Stones of the World : Introduction to the New Series


    Heritage Stone 1. Repair and Maintenance of Natural Stone in Historical Structures : The Potential Role of the IUGS Global Heritage Stone Initiative
    Heritage Stone 2. The Dora-Maira Unit (Italian Cottian Alps) : A Reservoir of Ornamental Stones Since Roman Times
    Heritage Stone 3. Degradation Patterns of Stone Used in Historic Buildings in Brazil
    Heritage Stone 4. The Piedra Berroqueña Region : Candidacy for Global Heritage Stone Province Status
    Heritage Stone 5. Silicified Granites (Bleeding Stone and Ochre Granite) as Global Heritage Stone Resources from Ávila, Central Spain
    Heritage Stone 6. Gneiss for the Pharaoh : Geology of the Third Millennium BCE Chephren’s Quarries in Southern Egypt
    Heritage Stone 7. Pohorje Granodiorite : One of the Most Significant Slovenian Natural Stones

GAC-MAC Field Guide Summary

    Whitehorse 2016 : GAC-MAC Joint Annual Meeting Field Trips


    Voyage of Discovery – Fifty Years of Marine Research at Canada’s Bedford Institute of Oceanography


    Open Access – Panacea or Pandora's Box?

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    GAC Corporate Supporters/Geological Association of Canada (2015–2016)