HSTC Bulletin

Volume 8, numéro 1, juin–june 1984

Sommaire (12 articles)

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  1. Imperialism and Professionalization: Dominion Registration and Canadian Physicians during the Boer War
  2. Hugh Le Caine: Pioneer of Electronic Music in Canada
  3. The Dawning of a National Scientific Community in Canada, 1878-1896

Research Notes  / Notes de recherche

  1. Henry Hunt Stabb and the Establishment of a Lunatic Asylum in St John's, Newfoundland, 1836-1855
  2. Early Membership of the Technical Section, Canadian Pulp and Paper Association

Book Reviews  / Comptes rendus

  1. Discovering Heritage Bridges on Ontario’s Roads. David J. Cuming, Erin, Boston Mills Press, 1984. Pp 95, illus., no notes, bibliography or index, softcover, $9.95. ISBN 0-919882-61-4
  2. Metropolis and Province, Science in British Culture, 1780-1850. Ian Inkster and Jack Morrell, eds., Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 1983, Pp 288
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