HSTC Bulletin

Volume 8, numéro 2, décembre–december 1984

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  1. Cobalt: Canada's Mining and Milling Laboratory, 1903-1918
  2. Science and Scientists in Government, 1878-1896 — Part I

Research Notes  / Notes de recherche

  1. The Sylvester Auto-Thresher: A Canadian First in Grain Harvesting
  2. The Demise of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada: A Case Study of Canadian Research Policy

Book Reviews  / Comptes rendus

  1. The Chief: Doctor William Osler. R. Palmer Howard, Canton, MA, Science History Publications/Watson International, 1983. Pp xiii, 194
  2. Industry in the Wilderness: the People, the Buildings, the Machines -- Heritage in Northwestern Ontario. Frank Rasky, Toronto, Dundern Press, 1983. Pp 128, illus.
  3. Thorough. An Illustrated History of the College of Engineering, University of Saskatchewan, 1912-1982. R.H. Macdonald, Saskatoon, The College of Engineering, University of Saskatchewan, 1982. Pp xii, 251, illus., index, select bibliography, ISBN 0-88880-121-1
  4. A Catalogue of the Riche-Covington Collection. Compiled by Barbara de St. Remy, revised, enlarged and edited by Leslie H. Morley, introduction by Arthur E. Covington, index by Barbara B. Aitken, Kingston, Queen's University, Douglas Library Occasional Paper Number 6, 1984. Pp xxvi, 63, illus., index. ISBN 0-88911-017-4, $10.00
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