The International Indigenous Policy Journal

Volume 13, numéro 1, 2022

Sommaire (5 articles)


  1. Learning from “Our Relations” Indigenous Peoples of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and United States: A Review of Culturally Relevant Diabetes and Obesity Interventions for Health
  2. “I’ll struggle, and I’ll fall…I’ll have my days, but it’s okay”: Indigenous Women Surviving the Sixties Scoop
  3. A Thematic Analysis of Indigenous Students’ Experiences with Indigenization at a Canadian Post-secondary Institution: Paradoxes, Potential, and Moving Forward Together
  4. Zaagtoonaa Nibi (We Love the Water): Anishinaabe community-led research on water governance and protection
  5. Indigenous Engagement in Health Research in Circumpolar Countries: An Analysis of Existing Ethical Guidelines


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