International Journal of Canadian Studies

Numéro 35, 2007 Sport, Identity and Social Division in Canada Sport, identités et clivages sociaux au Canada Sous la direction de Christine Dallaire et Jean Harvey

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  • Présentation
  • The Glengarry Highland Games, 1948-2003: Problematizing the Role of Tourism, Scottish Cultural Institutions, and the Cultivation of Nostalgia in the Construction of Identities
  • Curling in Canada: From Gathering Place to International Spectacle
  • Manufacturing Memories and Directing Dreams: Commemoration, Community, and the Closing of Maple Leaf Gardens
  • The Indian Act and the (Re)Shaping of Canadian Aboriginal Sport Practices
  • Children's Sport Participation in Canada: Is it a Level Playing Field?
  • Integration of Paralympic Athletes into Athletics Canada
  • Homophobia, Fundamentalism, and Canadian Tolerance: Enabling Gay Games III in Vancouver
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    1. Anti-Canadianism: Explaining the Deep Roots of a Shallow Phenomenon
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