International Journal of Canadian Studies

Number 35, 2007 Sport, Identity and Social Division in Canada Sport, identités et clivages sociaux au Canada Guest-edited by Christine Dallaire and Jean Harvey

Table of contents (13 articles)

  1. Présentation
  2. The Glengarry Highland Games, 1948-2003: Problematizing the Role of Tourism, Scottish Cultural Institutions, and the Cultivation of Nostalgia in the Construction of Identities
  3. Curling in Canada: From Gathering Place to International Spectacle
  4. Manufacturing Memories and Directing Dreams: Commemoration, Community, and the Closing of Maple Leaf Gardens
  5. The Indian Act and the (Re)Shaping of Canadian Aboriginal Sport Practices
  6. Children's Sport Participation in Canada: Is it a Level Playing Field?
  7. Integration of Paralympic Athletes into Athletics Canada
  8. Homophobia, Fundamentalism, and Canadian Tolerance: Enabling Gay Games III in Vancouver

Review Essay  / Essai critique

  1. Considering Gender in Canadian Sport and Physical Activity

Research Note  / Note de recherche

  1. Giving Hockey's Past a Future: When Identity Meets Demography in Canadian Sports

Open-Topic Article  / Article hors-thème

  1. Anti-Canadianism: Explaining the Deep Roots of a Shallow Phenomenon
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