Journal of Forest Engineering

Volume 9, numéro 1, january 1998

Sommaire (7 articles)

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Technical Papers

  1. A Self-Leveling and Swiveling Forestry Machine Cab
  2. The Introduction of a Comprehensive Logging Safety Standard in the USA -: The First Eighteen Months
  3. Forest Machinery Crane Compound Scheme Synthesis:: "Skeleton" Part
  4. Allocation of Stands and Cutting Patterns to Logging Crews Using a Tabu Search Heuristic
  5. Cable Extraction of Harvester-Felled Thinnings:: An Austrian Case Study
  6. Comminution of Logging Residues with Evolution 910R chipper, MOHA chipper truck, and Morbark 1200 tub grinder
  7. Ergonomics Codes of Practice:: The Challenge of Implementation in Canadian Workplaces

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