Journal of Forest Engineering

Volume 10, numéro 1, january 1999

Sommaire (11 articles)

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  1. Canadian Forestry Operations in the Next Century
  2. Development of Forest Engineering in China —: Looking Ahead Ten Years
  3. Chronology of Some Developments in Forest Engineering Research in Japan

Technical Papers

  1. Comparison of Single-Grip Harvester Productivity in Clear- and Shelterwood Cutting
  2. Feed-Time Distribution in Pneumatic Feeding of Softwood Seedlings
  3. Fuel, Hydraulic Oil and Lubricant Consumption in Swedish Mechanized Harvesting Operations, 1996
  4. Algorithms for Skidding Distance Modelling on a Raster Digital Terrain Model
  5. An Interactive Simulation System for Modeling Stands, Harvests, and Machines
  6. Factors Influencing the Effective Life of Chainsaw Protective Legwear

Technical Reviews

  1. The Barycentric Coordinates Solution to the Optimal Road Junction Problem

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