Journal of Forest Engineering

Volume 13, numéro 1, january 2002

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Editor's Notes

  • Excavator-Based Cable Logging and Processing System: A Norwegian Case Study
  • Technical Papers

    1. Estimating Dry Mass Of Logging Residues From Final Cuttings Using A Harvester Data Management System
    2. Effects of Shovel Logging and Rubber-tired Skidding on Surface Soil Attributes in a Selectively Harvested Central Hardwood Stand
    3. Performance of a Differential GPS in Dynamic Mode Under Sitka Spruce Canopies
    4. Harvester Boom Tip Acceleration Control During a Crosscutting -: Theoretical Background

    Editor's Notes

    Technical Papers

    1. Service Life of Compacted Steel Wire Ropes on Varying Block Sheave Diameters

    Editor's Notes

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