International Journal of Forest Engineering

Volume 15, numéro 2, july 2004

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Technical Papers

    Integration of Work Tasks and Supply Chains in Wood Harvesting - : Cost Savings or Complex Solutions?
    Early Studies of Multi-Tree Handling in Eastern Canada
    Small-Diameter Scots Pine and Birch Timber as Raw Materials for Engineered Wood Products
    Feasibility of an Adapted Tree Section Method for Integrated Harvesting of Pulpwood and Energy Wood in Early Thinning of Scots Pine
    Productivity and Cutting Costs of Thinning Harvesters
    Harvester Productivity and Operator Fatigue: : Working Extended Hours
    Characteristics and Significance of a Harvester Operators' Working Technique in Thinnings
    Modeling Backhauling on Finnish Energy-Wood Network Using Minimizing of Empty Routes
    Co-operation and Integration in Wood Energy Production
    Industrial Round-Wood or Fuel-Chips in Medium-Aged Norway Spruce
    Feasibility of Excavator-Based Harvester in Thinnings of Peatland Forests

Editor's Notes