International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Volume 12, numéro 2, février 2011

Sommaire (11 articles)


  1. Editorial

Research Articles

  1. Embodied and Embedded Theory in Practice: The Student-Owned Learning-Engagement (SOLE) Model
  2. Head of Gold, Feet of Clay: The Online Learning Paradox
  3. MarylandOnline’s Inter-Institutional Project to Train Higher Education Adjunct Faculty to Teach Online
  4. The Isolation of Online Adjunct Faculty and its Impact on their Performance
  5. A Pedagogical Framework for Mobile Learning: Categorizing Educational Applications of Mobile Technologies into Four Types
  6. Delimiting the Prospect of Openness: An Examination of Initial Student Approaches to E-Learning

Field Notes

  1. Mobile Learning via SMS at Open University Malaysia: Equitable, Effective, and Sustainable

Book Notes

Technical Notes

  1. 71. Universal Instructional Design Principles for Mobile Learning
  2. 72. Online Videoconferencing Products: Update

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