International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Volume 13, numéro 3, juin 2012

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Research Articles

  1. Odyssey of the Mind: Social Networking in Cyberschool
  2. Motivation Levels among Traditional and Open Learning Undergraduate Students in India
  3. Development and Validation of the Online Student Connectedness Survey (OSCS)
  4. Quality Assurance in E-Learning: PDPP Evaluation Model and its Application
  5. Creating a Sustainable Online Instructor Observation System: A Case Study Highlighting Flaws when Blending Mentoring and Evaluation
  6. Mapping the Interplay between Open Distance Learning and Internationalisation Principles
  7. Economies of Scope in Distance Education: The Case of Chinese Research Universities
  8. Teaching Time Investment: Does Online Really Take More Time than Face-to-Face?
  9. M-Learning Adoption: A Perspective from a Developing Country
  10. The Development of Distance Education in the Russian Federation and the Former Soviet Union
  11. Delivery of Open, Distance, and E-Learning in Kenya
  12. Learning in Educational Computer Games for Novices: The Impact of Support Provision Types on Virtual Presence, Cognitive Load, and Learning Outcomes
  13. Examining Interactivity in Synchronous Virtual Classrooms
  14. A Preliminary Examination of the Cost Savings and Learning Impacts of Using Open Textbooks in Middle and High School Science Classes
  15. Using Self-Efficacy to Assess the Readiness of Nursing Educators and Students for Mobile Learning
  16. Identification of Conflicting Questions in the PARES System

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