International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Volume 14, numéro 5, décembre 2013

Sommaire (15 articles)


Research Articles

  1. The Teacher as Leader: Effect of Teaching Behaviors on Class Community and Agreement
  2. Open Distance Learning for Development: Lessons from Strengthening Research Capacity on Gender, Crisis Prevention, and Recovery
  3. Reviews and Practice of College Students Regarding Access to Scientific Knowledge: A Case Study in Two Spanish Universities
  4. Student and Faculty Outcomes of Undergraduate Science Research Projects by Geographically Dispersed Students
  5. Factors Influencing Students’ Acceptance of M-Learning: An Investigation in Higher Education
  6. Security Risks and Protection in Online Learning: A Survey
  7. Institutional Level Identity Control Strategies in the Distance Education Environment: A Survey of Administrative Staff
  8. Improved Fuzzy Modelling to Predict the Academic Performance of Distance Education Students
  9. Online Social Media Applications for Constructivism and Observational Learning
  10. Using a Design-Based Research Study to Identify Principles for Training Instructors to Teach Online
  11. Learning Needs Analysis of Collaborative E-Classes in Semi-Formal Settings: The REVIT Example
  12. Online Interaction in Higher Education: Is There Evidence of Diminishing Returns?
  13. Peer Feedback to Facilitate Project-Based Learning in an Online Environment
  14. An Investigation of Practices and Tools that Enabled Technology-Mediated Caring in an Online High School


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