International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Volume 19, numéro 3, juillet 2018

Sommaire (18 articles)


Research Articles

  1. Teaching Massive, Open, Online, Courses (MOOCs): Tales from the Front Line
  2. Grit and Intention: Why Do Learners Complete MOOCs?
  3. Social Presence in Massive Open Online Courses
  4. Understanding Student Engagement in Large-Scale Open Online Courses: A Machine Learning Facilitated Analysis of Student’s Reflections in 18 Highly Rated MOOCs
  5. Differential OER Impacts of Formal and Informal ICTs: Employability of Female Migrant Workers
  6. Open Educational Resources: Challenges and Opportunities in Indian Primary Education
  7. Effects of Open Textbook Adoption on Teachers’ Open Practices
  8. Adoption of Sharing and Reuse of Open Resources by Educators in Higher Education Institutions in the Netherlands: A Qualitative Research of Practices, Motives, and Conditions
  9. Open Educational Practices in Australia: A First-phase National Audit of Higher Education
  10. The Impact of the Flipped Classroom Model on Students' Academic Achievement
  11. Technology Matters – The Impact of Transactional Distance on Satisfaction in Online Distance Learning
  12. Social Media Adoption by the Academic Community: Theoretical Insights and Empirical Evidence From Developing Countries
  13. Analysing the Importance-Competence Gap of Distance Educators With the Increased Utilisation of Online Learning Strategies in a Developing World Context
  14. A Playful Approach to Fostering Motivation in a Distance Education Computer Programming Course: Behaviour Change and Student Perceptions
  15. Exploring Information Seeking Behavior of Farmers’ in Information Related to Climate Change Adaptation Through ICT (CHAI)

Research Notes

  1. Eight Patterns of Open Textbook Adoption in British Columbia
  2. Open and Distance Learning in French-Speaking Sub-Saharan Africa: A Literature Review


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