Volume 33, numéro 2, 2013 Musical Perspectives, People, and Places: Essays in Honour of Carl Morey Sous la direction de Gordon E. Smith

Sommaire (14 articles)

  1. Introduction


  1. Canadian Music: A Personal Perspective
  2. The Wild Hunter, the Wandering Jew, and the Flying Dutchman: The Hunt In Wagner’s Der fliegende Holländer
  3. Perspectives on the Late Piano Music of Oskar Morawetz and John Weinzweig
  4. The Eventual Premiere of Issipile: Porpora and the Palchetti War
  5. Providing the Taste of Learning: Nadia Boulanger’s Lasting Imprint on Canadian Music
  6. Anhalt’s Oppenheimer: The History of a Never-Finished Major Work
  7. “The Spectacle of a Young Man”: Glenn Gould, Graham Steed, and an Unpublished Concert Review for the Windsor Star
  8. Neglected Canadian Orchestral Music
  9. Seeds for a Mature Compositional Style: An Analysis of Melody, Musical Layers, and Signals in Claude Vivier’s Chants
  10. The Power of Stories: Canadian Music Scholarship’s Narratives and Counter-Narratives

Book Reviews  / Comptes rendus

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