Canadian Journal of Music
Revue canadienne de musique

Volume 39, numéro 1, 2019 Decolonizing Music Pedagogies Sous la direction de Robin Attas et Margaret E. Walker

Sommaire (11 articles)

  1. Exploring Decolonization, Music, and Pedagogy: Editorial
  2. Expanding the University Music Ensemble: Lessons from an Intercultural Collaboration
  3. Decolonizing Desires and Unsettling Musicology: A Settler’s Personal Story of Researching and Teaching Indigenous Music at an American University
  4. Building Relationships, Sustaining Communities: Decolonial Directions in Higher Ed Bluegrass Pedagogy
  5. How We Got into Drum Circles, and How to Get Out: De-Essentializing African Music
  6. Decolonization in “Wild Schools”: Local Music Pedagogies in Indonesia’s Taman Siswa School System
  7. Reflets de la colonialité dans la scène des musiques nouvelles
  8. The Long and Narrow Road: An Inuit Student’s Journey Through Post-Secondary Music
  9. To All Who Should Be Concerned

Book Review

  1. Errata

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