Canadian Journal of Music
Revue canadienne de musique

Volume 39, Number 1, 2019 Decolonizing Music Pedagogies Guest-edited by Robin Attas and Margaret E. Walker

Table of contents (11 articles)

  1. Exploring Decolonization, Music, and Pedagogy: Editorial
  2. Expanding the University Music Ensemble: Lessons from an Intercultural Collaboration
  3. Decolonizing Desires and Unsettling Musicology: A Settler’s Personal Story of Researching and Teaching Indigenous Music at an American University
  4. Building Relationships, Sustaining Communities: Decolonial Directions in Higher Ed Bluegrass Pedagogy
  5. How We Got into Drum Circles, and How to Get Out: De-Essentializing African Music
  6. Decolonization in “Wild Schools”: Local Music Pedagogies in Indonesia’s Taman Siswa School System
  7. Reflets de la colonialité dans la scène des musiques nouvelles
  8. The Long and Narrow Road: An Inuit Student’s Journey Through Post-Secondary Music
  9. To All Who Should Be Concerned

Book Review

  1. Errata

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